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Welcome to the Anti-Valentine's Day Shop

Anti-Valentine's Day T-shirts, clothes and Anti Cupid Gifts and anti-love swag for people without a valentine. Funny Anti Valentines Day Tee Shirts, Clothing and Apparel for all ages. Anti V-day shirts and clothing for anyone who hates cupid and the bow he sailed in on. Cupid sucks t shirts, I hate valentine's day t-shirts and more bitter gear for bitter people. Let the lovers and couples have their day while you have valentine's day your way.

Shop Anti-Valentine's Day T-shirts

anti valentine t-shirt

Does the thought of February 14th make you want to hurl? If you have an aversion to this date on the calendar, protest your disdain of Valentine's Day with these anti-valentines themed t-shirts!

Shop Being Single T-shirts

anti-valentines shirt

Are you single, dateless and bitter about it? Find single design tee shirts that express just how bitter you are!

Shop Anti-Cupid T-shirts

anti valentines t-shirt

Cupid. Yeah, sure some might think he's cute, but if you crawl into bed alone every nite you might not be a fan of this little cherub. In fact you might just want to yank his bow and arrow and hit him where the sun don't shine - although he runs around naked, so wearing one of these Anti-Cupid t-shirts might hurt him more!

Shop Love Stinks T-shirts

anti valentine's t-shirt

Did your guy or girl just dump you? Does your unrequieted love requite with someone else? Did you walk in on your love in the throws of passion with your best friend? Sadly Love Stinks alot of the time and if it stinks so bad it smells like poo for you, then fashion these Love Stinks T-shirts - it's not therapy, but it might help you feel better!

Shop Anti-Vday Mugs

Funny Cupid's Aim Sucks Mug mug
Funny Cupid's Aim Sucks Mug

For anyone without a valentine, Valentine's day is a day to drink your sorrows away. These anti-vday mugs and cups make it that much more poignant!

Shop Anti-Vday Magnets

Anti-Cupid Magnet magnet
Anti-Cupid Magnet

Anti-Valentine's day magnets are funn collectibles and gifts for all your single friends!

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